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Nov 30, 2021
Hi, Christy!

Just another quick update before the month is out: Buckets by the Loaf, translations, a security audit and a new face.

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Nov 8, 2021
Buckets by the Loaf: Pricing for Everyone

For some of you, a Buckets license costs more than an entire month’s salary! Paying so much for an application that’s designed to help you save money doesn’t make much sense.

To address this, we’re pleased to announce a small experiment we’ll be running over the next few months: Buckets by the Loaf.

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Nov 2, 2021
Well, Hello There!

Hi everyone!

Welcome on board!

There’s been a tremendous spike in interest with Buckets over the past few hours. I’ll reply to your emails and chats as soon as I can. A few things that might be helpful to newcomers:

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Oct 27, 2021
Fall Update 2021

Here’s a quick update about the mobile app. Yes, I’m still working on it.

Mar 15, 2021
Buckets Mobile Update — March 2021

Hello again! I wanted to post an update about the upcoming Buckets mobile app. Before too many words, here’s what it looks like in the iOS Simulator:

Buckets Mobile home screen
Oct 20, 2020
What's Taking so Long on the Buckets Mobile App?

All you Buckets users are very patient! The mobile app has been in development for a long, long time. And it’s fair for you to ask: “what’s taking so long?” Hopefully the post will shed some light on the process.

Picture of a clock -- Photo by Ralph Hutter
May 21, 2020
Multiple windows

This is a short post, but I wanted to highlight one of my favorite, simple features in Buckets—multiple windows.

Apr 20, 2020
Buckets 0.56: Sharing Edition

I’m very happy to announce that we’ve just released Buckets Beta v0.56.0! You can download it here or wait to be prompted to update from with Buckets. Normal Buckets will get this update in a week or so.

Jan 8, 2020
2019 Survey Results

Thank you, international Buckets community, for all your support and enthusiasm! Ahoj, Bonjour, Ciao, Cześć , Dia Ghuit, G’day, Hallo, Hei, Hej, Hello, Hola, Kumusta, Namaste, Oi, Olá, Zdravo, Привте!

From your survey responses, it’s clear that Buckets is helping you manage your finances. And, as before, you’ve given helpful feedback about what needs to improve.

Here’s a look at who Buckets users are:

Nov 4, 2019
Launching the 2019 Buckets Community Survey

We’re pleased to announce our second annual Buckets Community Survey! Whether you use Buckets or not, your feedback will help us understand Buckets' strengths and weaknesses, get to know who’s using it and help determine where we go in the future.

Sep 7, 2019
Buckets Mobile Alpha Testers
Jun 3, 2019
Fixing Bugs and Other Stuff
Apr 16, 2019
Privacy Policy and EULA Update
Feb 28, 2019
Announcing Buckets Beta!
Feb 23, 2019
February Status Update
Jan 19, 2019
Price Increase in March
Dec 13, 2018
Making a Cross-Platform App in 2018
Dec 4, 2018
2018 Survey Results
Oct 4, 2018
Launching the 2018 Buckets Community Survey
Aug 27, 2018
JSON Changelog with SQLite
Aug 6, 2018
New Feature: New Wealth Charts
Jul 30, 2018
New Feature: Debt Handling
Jun 14, 2018
June Update - Under the Hood
May 11, 2018
Desktop App: Lessons Learned
Apr 30, 2018
Transaction Clearing
Apr 23, 2018
History and Future of Buckets
Apr 1, 2018
Organic and Gluten Free Budgeting!
Mar 21, 2018
Buckets 0.39: Now with Less Clicking
Mar 14, 2018
Sometimes You Shouldn't Store Timestamps in UTC
Feb 23, 2018
Over 50 Improvements in the Last Month
Jan 17, 2018
New: Amazon Reconciliation
Jan 15, 2018
New Features: Notes, Search, Duplicate Transactions and Guide
Jan 2, 2018
Buckets is 50% Off until Jan 10th
Dec 29, 2017
Macros: This Changes Everything
Nov 8, 2017
Lower Price and New Domain
Nov 7, 2017
Importing from YNAB4
Nov 2, 2017
Buckets and SQLite