Do you get tired of downloading transaction files from your bank? Or are you tired of paying a monthly fee for a company to do it for you? After months of work, I’m pleased to announce a very exciting new feature: Macros.

Casette tape - Photo by Simone Acquaroli on Unsplash

Starting today, with Buckets v0.22.0, you can automate the downloading of OFX/QFX files from your bank. Record yourself doing it once, then replay with the click of a button.

This really changes everything, especially if you have multiple bank accounts. What other budgeting applications charge a monthly fee for, you can now do for free. And it’s completely private! Macros are encrypted and stored within the budget file on your computer and nowhere else.

You’re welcome!


At this point, macros are experimental—they’ll usually work, but might break between versions. Some banks are known not to work…yet. Let me know if your bank works/doesn’t. Also, if your bank doesn’t offer OFX/QFX/Quicken files, please tell me what files they do offer so Buckets can work for you. Next up are CSV files.

Happy budgeting!

— Matt