Have you ever been frustrated by how Amazon splits up purchases? Do you spend way too much time hunting through Amazon invoices and your order history when doing your budget? Buckets has a great new tool to make reconciling with Amazon painless. Or at least less painful :)

Dreaded Amazon Transactions

Above you can see two uncategorized Amazon transactions. To find out how to categorize them go to the new Tools section and click on Amazon.com Reconciliation.

From there, click the provided links to Amazon where you can generate a few reports (CSV files) for the current month. Buckets fills out the form with all the correct information. All you have to do is press the yellow button.

Amazon’s interface for downloading reports

Import the reports into Buckets.

Then smile.

All your orders are right there! Buckets tries to match up each Amazon order with a corresponding transaction for the correct amount. Now you go through each order and categorize the transaction with all the information you need right in front of you!

Categorizing Amazon purchases is fun again!

Happy budgeting!

— Matt