Hi! Just wanted to post a general update about what’s going on with Buckets: mobile app progress, Buckets Beta and the future roadmap.

Mobile apps

I work on the mobile app (and corresponding desktop app changes) nearly every day. Progress is slow but steady. But because of the all mobile app work, some desktop bugs have languished a bit. So I’m hoping soon to pause mobile development for a few bug-fixing releases. I’m chomping at the bit to get back to desktop development. See?

Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash

Buckets Beta

Currently you can change your preferences to enable beta updates. Doing so gets you updates ahead of general release, but if there’s a bug in the beta version, you might not be able to do your budget! To alleviate this, there will be two separate apps: Buckets (the one you all have right now) and Buckets Beta. If Buckets Beta ends up with a bad bug, you’ll still be able to use normal Buckets to keep doing your budget.

Possible Buckets Beta logo

The Buckets Beta logo is probably going to be green. Cause it’s greener?

Road map

Things look good for Buckets this year! Here’s the current, subject-to-change, missing-lots-of-detail, loosely sorted road map for the foreseeable future:

  • Finish current set of Desktop/Mobile shared changes
  • Release Buckets Beta (should be identical to current version)
  • Bug fix release for some OFX/CSV and other bugs
  • More Mobile work
  • Bank macro improvements (#132 and #205)
  • Any other improvements that fit

Don’t worry if your most-hoped-for feature isn’t listed. The road map is general and doesn’t include everything.

Happy Budgeting!

— Matt