Buckets Beta is now available for [download!]({{ relref “/download.html#beta” }})

Important note: Though I’ve tested thoroughly on computers available to me, this new version might crash for you :) If it does, please send bug reports (either through the app or directly to [email protected]).

Why make a separate application? To make sure you can always do your budget. In the past, there have been some bugs that have prevented beta users from being able to use Buckets. By having a separate application, you can get the benefits of early releases with the option to fallback to the latest stable release when things break.

Lastly, though this new Buckets Beta release doesn’t contain any new features, it does contain a new portable core which will make the mobile apps even easier. This new core also paves the way for possibly making the desktop app much smaller in the future. I’m very excited about it :)

Happy budgeting!

— Matt