Hi everyone! Buckets will soon have a new Privacy Policy and End-User License Agreement (EULA), and we wanted to let you give feedback before it goes live.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

I’ll admit that I’m a bit sad to see the existing, very short and simple Privacy Policy go. But as a real company we need real legal policies (prepared by lawyers). These changes are being made to make sure Buckets can thrive for the long term. In an upcoming version, all Buckets users will be prompted to accept the EULA the first time they use Buckets on a device.

If you’re interested, please look over the following two pull requests and either comment directly in the Pull Request (this is public), or else email [email protected] (this is private). You could also comment here, I suppose.

  1. Privacy Policy: Full textDifferencesPull Request
  2. EULA: Full textPull Request

We hope, by now, that your interactions with us have shown you that we strive to be honest and fair and to respect your privacy. So if you see anything that seems amiss, or have any questions not addressed in the documents please let us know.


— Matt