I’m very happy to announce that we’ve just released Buckets Beta v0.56.0! You can [download it here]({{ relref “/download.html#beta” }}) or wait to be prompted to update from with Buckets. Normal Buckets will get this update in a week or so.

This release is the result of many, many months of work and is significant for two main reasons:

  1. The internal release process has been streamlined so that future releases can happen more quickly. What does this mean for you? You should start seeing more frequent Buckets updates again!

  2. Buckets now includes the ability to communicate with the upcoming Buckets mobile apps. This isn’t immediately useful as the mobile apps aren’t out yet, but the most difficult part is now complete. Because security and privacy in Buckets are so important, we wanted to get device-to-device sharing right. As a result, any data Buckets shares between devices is end-to-end encrypted (using Libsodium). By default, sharing is disabled for maximum security.

Expect more bug fixes and a couple of mobile apps soon!

Thanks for your support and patience,

— Matt