Just another quick update before the month is out: Buckets by the Loaf, translations, a security audit and a new face.

Code diff showing Christy being added

Buckets by the Loaf

Since announcing Buckets by the Loaf pricing for people living all over the world, we’ve sent out licenses to India, Turkey, Malaysia, Russia, Croatia, and Moldova. It makes me so happy that we can offer something that makes sense worldwide!

Please apply here. We haven’t yet reached our initial test quota so you’ll likely be approved.


We’ve had a lot of submissions for translations in the last few weeks. Thank you to all those who make Buckets available in nearly a dozen languages! You can join the effort here.

Security Test!

We had a lot of license purchases this month! Guess what we’re going to buy with all that money? A security audit for the SimpleFIN Bridge! 🎉

Many have asked for something to give them more confidence that the SimpleFIN Bridge is secure, so we’re hiring a third party to test it. We’ll publish the results once we have them sometime early next year.

(SimpleFIN is a separate part of the One Part Rain company, which makes both the SimpleFIN Bridge and Buckets).

A new face

Lastly, we had a lot more users join us this month. It has been satisfying to see you all come, and it has been extra satisfying that most of the processes, tools and infrastructure have handled the increased number of users so well. (See? It wasn’t over-engineered 😉)

But my inbox got overwhelmed! That part didn’t work so well. And having everything go to my email makes it really difficult for others to jump in and help. We’ve fixed that going forward. Now we’re using a proper shared support tool. We = me and my wife, Christy.

Christy is the other owner of the business (always has been) and the number one Buckets supporter. But until recently, she’s stayed in the background. Not anymore! You can thank her for the Buckets by the Loaf idea and you might hear from her if you chat or email.

Happy Budgeting, everyone!

— Matt & Christy