As mentioned in March’s blog post, we’re raising the price of a Buckets License to $64 in September. See that post for the full details. The change won’t happen on the 1st of the month—possibly closer to the 10th.

I also wanted to clarify that for Buckets by the Loaf pricing, if you submit an application for a voucher before the price goes up, you will keep the old price even if you purchase after the increase. So if you’re contemplating a license, go ahead and apply now to get the lower price.

Thank you everyone for your support! Your license purchases keep the lights on and let me continue to work on Buckets. For instance, we recently purchased an M1 Apple computer so that we can build M1 versions of Buckets (to be out as soon as all the issues are fixed with that). Linux ARM64 versions will soon follow.

In between bug fixes, I’m still working on device-to-device sharing so that you’ll be able to manage your budget on mobile devices as well as desktop. Once that’s out, I hope to get back to some of the most requested features.

Happy budgeting!

— Matt