Here’s a quick update on what we’ve got planned for Buckets for the next three months. While I can’t guarantee when these things will be completed, this is the current plan ordered somewhat close to when we expect they’ll happen.

For this quarter, we’re going to try using the milestone feature of GitHub to track progress and see how everyone likes it.

Beta to stable and bug fixes

The latest Buckets Beta (the green one) has a lot of great features, and after a few more bug fixes, I’m hoping to get it released generally as Buckets stable (the blue one).


We plan to fix several bugs in device-to-device sharing and also simplify the process so it doesn’t require so much fiddling to get it to work. We also want Buckets to provide more visibility into what’s happening when something doesn’t work.


We’re finally going to add Payees! This is one of the most requested missing features. I’m still working on the full scope of what’s involved with this change. There are several other related features that it might make sense to do in tandem with this change. So the goal is to at least add Payees, with the possibility of other bonus features.

iOS Release

We plan to get the iOS app into the real App Store so that you don’t have to use TestFlight anymore!


Our lawyers have long suggested it be a requirement that users accept the End User License Agreement when downloading the app. So we’ll be making that a requirement at some point in the next three months. There’s nothing strange or new in the agreement—we’re just tying up loose ends.

Dark Mode

This one might be a stretch to get done before July, but I know those of you who want this really, REALLY want it.

Happy budgeting!

— Matt