The latest version of Buckets is out! It includes several bug fixes and a few new features to help you budget better.

Notes on Buckets

Have you ever wanted to put a sticky note on your budget? Whether it’s to remind yourself to put $20 extra in savings next month or to tag an expense as a charitable contribution, now you can add notes to buckets, bucket groups, transactions and accounts. Simply hover over the row then click on the sticky note icon that appears.

Coupled with the new search tab (find it at the bottom left), you have a powerful way to explore your financial history!

Duplicate transactions

When syncing transactions from a third-party source (like SimpleFIN), sometimes you get duplicate transactions. Now in the Transactions tab, if there are possibly duplicated transactions, you’ll see them listed at the bottom of the page.


Feel lost with budgeting? Wondering how to do something with the Buckets application? I’ve put up a guide at The guide is also available within Buckets in the Help menu. The guide is a little sparse right now, but will grow more helpful over time.

Email or chat me if there’s a particular topic you want to see included.

Other changes

The newest version also includes these changes:

  • NEW: Numbers in most tables are now always dollar-aligned with faded cents when it’s an even dollar.

  • NEW: Transactions can now be edited. (Issue: #10)

  • NEW: A running balance column has been added to transaction lists for single accounts and buckets. (Issue #17)

  • FIX: When viewing account details, the pane takes up more space so you can see more of the transactions. (Issue #36)

  • FIX: Horizontal scrolling now works on all pages. (Issue #18)

  • FIX: On the Buckets page, the New bucket button does not make the graph icon cell stretch anymore.

Get the latest version here.

Happy budgeting!

— Matt