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The very first thing we did when setting up our budget was to enter all our bank account names and balances in the Accounts tab.

Each account has a detailed view that you can get to by clicking more.

Naming accounts

To name/rename an account, click on it’s name in the table (or in the detailed view) and type in the new name.


In the account’s detailed view, change the balance by updating the value in the balance text box.

Closing accounts

If you close a bank account (in real life) you can record the account as closed in Buckets by clicking the Close button at the bottom of the account’s detailed view.

Closed accounts are hidden in certain places, but all existing transactions will be preserved.

Deleting accounts

Deleting accounts can really mess up your budget because all transactions associated with the account are also deleted. Be careful with deleting accounts.

If you want to delete an account and all its transactions, first close it, then click the Delete button.