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Buckets currently supports sharing budget files between your devices in a one-way manner over the local network.

In the future, it will support two-way sharing both locally and across the Internet using your choice of the built in sync protocol or third party file-sharing services (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc…).

Sharing a budget with the mobile app

Your mobile app and desktop computer must be on the same local network (e.g. same WiFi) and be able to see each other.

On the desktop computer

  1. Open Buckets and open a budget file
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Sharing
  4. Give your desktop a name (this is optional)
  5. Enable Share from this computer
  6. Enable Allow new device requests
  7. Scroll down and note the Channel URL near the bottom of the page

Initial appearance of desktop sharing screen

On the mobile app

  1. From the Buckets home screen, tap Sharing
  2. Give your phone a name (this is optional)
  3. Enable Allow new device requests
  4. Enter the Channel URL from your desktop computer
  5. Tap Add channel

Initial appearance of mobile sharing screen

Follow the prompts to mutually authenticate each device. NOTE: Only choose “Yes” if both the image and code match.

On the desktop computer

In the Shared budgets dropdown of the newly added remote device, choose which budget files you want to share with the mobile app.

On the mobile app

Tap the checkbox next to each budget file you want to have on your mobile device.

You’re done! Whenever you are on the same network and have both applications open, your phone should download a new copy of the budget file.

Optionally, you can disable Allow new device requests to prevent other machines on your network from requesting access to your budgets.