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What limitations does the trial version have?

The trial version of Buckets includes these limitations:

  1. The app has a little yellow sticker in the bottom left side of the window
  2. Every budget will include a Buckets License bucket to help you save up for a license
  3. After a while, will periodically remind you to buy the full version.

Otherwise, the trial version is identical to the full version.

What’s included with the Buckets v1 License?

A Buckets v1 License is good for v0.x (the current version) and v1.x of Buckets (we’re working toward this version). If Buckets v2 ever comes out, there will likely be a small upgrade fee for those who have a v1 License. However, Buckets v2 is very, very far in the future. We’re still trying to get to v1 😁

Is there a mobile app?

Yes, it’s read-only right now but we’re working on letting you edit on the go! Check the homepage for a link for your OS.